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Building Maintenance Units or BMUs are systems that suspend cradles over the edge of buildings. These systems are usually remote controlled, though automatic and manual variants are available too. The cradles hold contractors and pass across the exterior structure providing easy access for carrying out the external cleaning of the building, fixtures and windows.

Alternatively, BMUs can also be used internally for buildings that feature particularly high ceilings or atrium walls. If you require the services of a BMU, The PLA Group are here to help. We possess an extensive range of BMUs with configurations to suit various types of buildings as well as a wide range of client requirements.

A BMU is typically mounted at roof level and can be installed in a fixed position or running on anchored or free-laid tracks. Thanks to the fully counterweighted design, the platform will remain stable while in use and the system supports a wide range of hoisting heights. What’s more, each cradle can support a large amount of weight.

At The PLA Group, we will assess your needs and provide you with a FREE no-obligation quotation for a BMU that is perfectly suited to your set up. All BMUs are BSI approved and manufactured in accordance with British Standards. As well as providing a high-quality service, we are also the most competitively priced option around making us a great choice for clients trying to manage their budget.

What are the benefits?

Equipping your building with a Building Maintenance Unit is a sound investment that will make exterior building maintenance that much easier.

A BMU provides easy access to all areas which allows for quick and efficient cleaning to be carried out. Windows will stay looking spotless all year round, and any maintenance or repair work can be carried out in an environment that is safe and secure.

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