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So often is the case that a building sports windows that are high up but are not high enough to justify investing in rope access. For these jobs, we have the perfect solution – long reach and extendable equipment. We use a brush mounted to a telescopic pole otherwise known as a ‘Reach and Wash System’ to provide first-class cleaning services. These poles enable us to reach windows that would normally require a ladder to reach.

Traditional cleaning methods involve the use of a squeegee to remove water streaks from the glass which isn’t necessarily practical with windows that are high up. The Reach and Wash System carries filtered water up the pole, and the brush agitates and removes any surface dirt and grime. Once dry, your windows will be left looking spotless and completely free of any smears.

With our long reach and extendable equipment, we can provide first-class window and exterior cleaning services for a wide range of businesses. From large commercial premises to office blocks, apartment complexes and more, no job is too much for our team to handle. To get things started, give us a call, and let us know over the phone how our team can help.

All of our equipment is maintained regularly, and we only supply equipment of the highest quality sourced from trusted suppliers. This means that when you choose our Reach and Wash System, you can be certain of a high-quality finish that will leave you wondering why ever considered going anywhere else.

What are the benefits?

While some projects necessitate using rope access or scaffolding, some buildings can be tackled using something far simpler. While a ladder is one option that most consider, it is by far the least safe option available. With a ladder, there is an ever-present risk of falling and seriously injuring yourself or worse, whereas our long reach and extendable equipment eliminate this risk entirely.

This equipment allows for quick and easy access to difficult locations and enables contractors to carry out any cleaning work from the safety of solid ground. Thanks to the ingenious design of a WFPS, cleaning work can be carried out quickly and efficiently with no compromises on quality. What’s more, as the job itself is less time-consuming and not as complex as rope access, it is also a far more affordable option.

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