Man Safe Systems

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Man safe systems are a vital necessity in any environment where contractors will be working at height on a regular basis. A man safe system is essentially a fixed anchor point or a line system that is installed on the rooftop. The user is attached to the system using a fall arrest system which protects them in the event that they should fall.

Here at The PLA Group, it is standard operating practice for us to use man safe systems whenever carrying out any work at height such as rope access. Before any work can begin, our team will install an anchor system ensuring that it is fitted correctly. During each subsequent visit, the anchor system will be tested to ensure that it is safe to use.

Our team are all fully qualified and certified to install man safe systems and do so in full compliance with health and safety. If you have such a system installed, we recommend that you have it tested every 12 months minimum (systems that are regularly used should be tested more often). Please be advised that if you are the building owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the system is tested regularly.

With many years of experience to call upon, our knowledge of fall prevention equipment is unparalleled. From the planning stages through to installation, testing and maintenance, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with the PLA Group.

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