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MEWP stands for ‘Mobile Elevating Work Platform’ and is easily identified as an extendable work platform complete with controls that allows the user to work at height. You will likely have seen these in commercial buildings and are typically used to carry out work on ceilings, vents, air conditioning units and anything else which may be located out of reach.
Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are ideal for scenarios where the building has a high ceiling and is often seen as the preferred alternative to footstalls and ladders.

At The PLA Group, we possess an extensive range of state-of-the-art MEWPs with options, and these are available in a variety of configurations including:

• Height
• Reach
• Load Capacity
• Platform Rotation
• Turning Radius
• Platform Height and Weight

Our team will select the right MEWP to facilitate the job in question and supply you with a FREE no-obligation quote that takes into consideration your requirements. We will deliver the MEWP, and our professional team will operate it for the duration of any work that is carried out.

What are the benefits?

If you’re considering hiring a MEWP; you’re likely weighing up the pros and cons. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are many benefits to hiring such a system. First and foremost, a MEWP provides flexibility and mobility making it easy to move into position and perfect for reaching locations that would be otherwise out of reach.

They can be used internally and externally and provide a safe working platform which reduces the risk of workplace injuries occurring. As a MEWP provides access to restricted space, overall efficiency is improved. This translates to better results and a quicker turnaround making hiring a MEWP a far more cost-effective option when compared to traditional methods.


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