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The PLA Group are the go-to experts when you’re in need of cost-effective pest control services. Birds can be a nuisance for many building owners as they cause a mess, damage to the exterior and can end up nesting in the structure itself. If you’re dealing with such a predicament, it’s time to place a call to the PLA Group as we have many years of experience in providing high-quality bird proofing solutions.

Bird proofing is a process in modifications are added to the buildings’ exterior structure to act as a deterrent. Such modifications include bird spiking, wires and scarring which are installed along areas where birds are most likely to perch or roost. If the problem is more severe, bird nets can also be installed as these block all points of entry and make it impossible for birds to land.
Of course, these modifications are typically installed on the sides or tops of buildings, and so the ability to work at height is of paramount importance. We never use sub-contractors, instead opting to rely on our fully qualified and certified team of professionals. Our employees are trained in the very latest rope access techniques which allow us to fit bird proofing in even the most difficult locations.

We provide a comprehensive service, from removing bird fouling to proofing your property against further problems. Our team are able to move about your property identifying areas that are at most risk. We’ll remove bird fouling as well as any bird nests that may be present before cleaning the surfaces to remove any harmful micro-organisms.

Once the area is cleaned down, we’ll install a deterrent system to keep your building free of any unwanted guests.

What are the benefits?

The presence of birds in large numbers can cause a fair amount of disruption. Fouling looks unpleasant, can cause damage and can also present a hazard if it lands on walkways. Nests can block chimneys and flues causing a build-up of poisonous gases; they can also block gutters and attract other pests too such as insects and rodents.

By enlisting our pest control services, you’ll be ridding your property of these issues while creating a safer, more pleasant environment for your customers and employees. What’s more, your building will also be protected saving you time and money which would be otherwise spent putting right other issues such as unblocking gutters.

Safer environment

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